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Your Direct Access to Digital Outsourcing Solutions

Case Scan Design & Fabrication

Upload your case scans directly onto the DADL Portal! Experienced technicians will design and fabricate your case scans to exact specifications with digital precision.

  • Upload case scans directly to DADL Portal
  • Multiple options available for model work (See DADL Fee Schedule)
  • No shipping costs incurred

DADL 24 Hour Scan Design Service Only

Save time on digital case designing! Within 24 hours, DADL designs and returns case files ready for fabrication.

  • Upload case scans directly to DADL Portal 
  • No shipping costs incurred

Shipping Cases Direct to DADL - USA

  • Customer pays inbound shipping to DADL US forwarding address
  • DADL pays for return shipping to customer


Turnaround Time Schedule
Case turnaround time will vary depending on services requested. For more information, please contact
Customer Service at (310) 881-6576.

Packing Cases for Shipment
Packing cases with optimal protection is essential to insure that the cases arrive at DADL with no damage.